The Rules of Engagement

While playing on our servers please adhere to the following rules at all times. Failure to abide by our rules will result in a kick from the server or in extreme cases a ban from the server altogether, time of ban would be based upon severity of rule breach. We do not like to kick or ban any player but if the actions of the player are resulting in disruption for other players then we will have no hesitation, so please play nice.

No Team Killing

Deliberate team killing of any kind is not permitted on our servers. Accidents do happen and this is sometimes unavoidable during the fog of war, but if you do accidently team kill another player simply apologise and we can all get on with it. Players who deliberately team kill for the apparent fun aspect of it will find their time on our servers very short.

No Hacking, Cheating or Glitching

The use of game hacks cheats or map glitches is absolutely not permitted. We run fair games servers and will ban anyone on the spot if they are caught using any of the above and it will always be a permenant ban so please be warned. If you need to use hacks or cheats to play the game online then you are not ready to play the game online, it's that simple!

No Swearing

Our servers are intended for use by families and players of all ages and indeed we have had players as young as 6 years old. For this reason the use of foul language is not permitted in any form or at anytime, just because it is late in the evening where you are does not mean it is late everywhere. Some words are already listed in the server banned words list and these will get you an auto kick, repeated use will cause the server to issue an immeadiate permenant ban. Please note this is an automated system and not carried out by one of our admin team.

No Racist or Politically Motivated Comments

Racist or political comments directed at another player or an admin will not be tolerated and will result in a permenant ban being issued for the offence. This is a game server and therefore not a platform for racism or political argument. Expect a full and permenant ban for breaching this rule.

Please Listen to the Server Admins

The server admin team are here to ensure fair play and that the above rules are not breached in anyway please listen to them and adhere to any requests that are made by them. If you are asked to do something by an admin such as "Please Change Your Name" during the game please just do it without argument. If you feel you have been treated unfairly the forums section is where to take it up not at the time with the admin. Please remember our admins are players and human beings too.

Do Not Insult Others

Treat other players with respect at all times while using our servers, disrespecting other users or admins will not be tolerated. Although we have not banned the use of the words "NOOB" or "CHEAT" they should not be used by way of insult or attempted insult directed at another player.

A Word About Game Play

Anything that is available within the game is legal game play, with the exception of map hacks or glitching as mentioned above. This means that expacking of the flag during CTF maps is a legitmate defensive move and therefore it is down to you to find a way around the defence. Base camping or spawn camping is a fact of life so live with it do not whine about it you need to find a way around it by working as a team, that is the point of this game. Just because another player has the edge over you does not mean that this player is cheating, they may just be better than you. Rather than insult these veteran players you could learn a lot from them, watch how they play, ask questions if you wish most of these players would not mind helping you. Our servers are public and are therefore open to all, do not request other players to leave the server for any reason unless you are an admin on duty. Holding private battles, making films or "just messing with my buddies"can be done on your own servers.





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